At port

Caitlin Stewart wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Free motion machine stitch, stitch, hand lettering
Materials: Cotton fabric, thread, interfacing, foam
Dimensions (cms): H – 39, W – 37, D – 50
Photographer: Bewley Shaylor

Stacked. Are they waiting in anticipation of an outbound journey to a far flung, exotic location; or have they been forgotten, languishing in the yard, awaiting collection and disembowelment? Nestled side by side, their contents hidden within, the containers sit together. Safe at port.

I have always been drawn to the tactile nature of working with cloth and thread. Inspiration for my pieces usually comes in the form of a question or story and I’m drawn to our built and natural environments. I generally use free motion embroidery, hand stitched embellishment and quilting techniques.

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