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Chelsea Turner wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Basket making, crochet, beading
Materials: Copper wire, beads
Dimensions (cms): H – 165, W – 65
Photographer: Matt Cook Photos

My art expresses my inner life. I grew up in cult like conditions which meant there was no room to grow my own thoughts, my own voice, or build my own life. My art is the vehicle I use to comprehend the impact on my mental health from loss of innocence, identity, dignity, childhood sexual assault, narcissistic parents, domestic violence and suicide attempts. These intense and compelling topics are often the focus of my artworks.

My artworks also provide an insight to my recovery from the impact of these events.

Two main elements are important to my art practice. One is the process of physically constructing the artworks and the other is the communication of my stories and emotion. Both are vital to conveying my ideas effectively.

In this artwork I decided to reframe my childhood experience. Rather than recapitulating the compelling topics of my upbringing. I wanted to create an artwork that expressed joy, laughter and play. Constructing the piece from copper wire embodies warmth and the design of the dress conveys the impression of a child’s drawing. Meaning the entire piece exemplifies and is reminiscent of a child’s point of view revealing its essence of being the person my younger self needed.

My art is the vehicle I use to comprehend the impact on my life from being raised in cult like conditions and childhood sexual assault. My art provides personal healing and growth. My art practice encompasses the construction of the artworks and the communication of my stories. Both are vital to conveying my story and ideas.

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