We are not OK

Deidre Robb wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Hand stitch, fabric manipulation, beading
Materials: Textiles, threads, beads, sequins, glass petri dishes
Dimensions (cms): 9 – 15cms each
Photographer: Deidre Robb

Are you OK?’ (R U OK?) is the catch cry of a well known harm and suicide prevention charity. This work is about when the answer to that question is no.

My visual inspirations are a crossover between two things: cultures grown in laboratories in order to be closely examined and mourning jewellery.

In this work I am considering the culture we have collectively grown that sees so many people struggling with life, experiencing mental ill health, or considering or dying by suicide.

It recognises the pain felt by people who are grieving for a loved one who lost the will to live. I see your pain. I acknowledge it. I am with you.

Deidre Robb was born in New Zealand and has lived in Mandurah since 2010. Her artwork explores themes she cares deeply about, including personal, political, environmental and social issues. Her works often utilize salvaged, imperfect and unfinished goods, and her practice is strongly influenced by her interest in historical textiles.

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