Moonlight – Mt Kondenup

Elizabeth Riley wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Ink stain, straight stitch, applique
Materials: Belgian linen, silk, cotton, linen and hemp threads, gauze dabs, ink
H – 86, W – 82
Photographer: Elizabeth Riley

I live in Albany on the side of Kondenup (Mt Clarence). All my artworks are a response to this beautiful landscape.

Moonlight – Mt Kondenup reflects the mystery and ghostly beauty of the bush at night – the moonlight fracturing the scrub, trees and massive boulders, the dense leaf litter underfoot, the muffled sounds of this hillside environment.

The materials I have used are all natural stretched Belgian linen (which I generally paint on), raw silk, cottons, linens and hemp threads; the gauze dabs (appliqued) to acknowledge healing and care of the landscape. 

I have been painting, sculpting and hand working for forty seven years. Most work I do is based in the landscape, the surfaces and textures – the micro describing the macro. I seek to express the fragility and beauty of the environment and our effect upon the world around us.

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