Where do we record our history?

Jayne Argent wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Botanical printing, book binding
Materials: Wood (sandalwood, sheoak, red morral, acacia acuminata), paper, waxed linen thread
Dimensions (cms): H – 40, W – 200, D – 100
Photographer: Jayne Argent

Books, where our history and memories are collected together. As time passes, the history of our lives may be different but as you look closer, it starts to look more of the same for each day, week or year.

Our memories have been recorded on paper, cloth or stone but the material used to preserve our history is paper from trees.

Twenty five books to represent the 25+ years of WAFTA.

Different but also the same.

I live in Lake Grace and in my spare time I am making art from textiles; new and recycled, paper, photography and what I can find in nature.

Wafta twentyFIVE + crossover
on-line catalogue

includes essay by Erin Coates, Wafta history, images and statements from artists on the 42 art-works exhibited

wafta exhibition catalogue