Julia Andrijasevich wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Needle felting, fibre manipulation, stitch
Materials: Superfine merino wool, silk fibre and thread
Dimensions (cms): H – 35, W – 15, D – 15
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

Inspiration to create always comes from an instinctive response to physical and emotional trauma, the impact it has and the way we respond to its challenges.

I strive to represent times of fragility and the strength required to heal by utilising the versatility of wool and silk fibres and pushing their parameters beyond what is expected.

By creating human forms I endeavour to produce visual images of society’s unseen vulnerability and renewal.

A quiet, reflective mood permeates as the barbed needles slowly transform and manipulate the fibre. 

As I mould the web like silk fibre I contemplate the tenuous nature of our safe places and dream of a safe haven for all.

Julia’s childhood in country Western Australia was one of freedom and experimentation. Being immersed in an altruistic family of creatives who were never intimidated by challenges has been crucial in her formation. This profound influence has developed an autodidact excited to explore her chosen realm of textile art.

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