A state of emergency

Lisa Mori wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Weaving
Materials: Emergency blanket, nylon stainless steel
Dimensions (cms):
1: W –31, L – 115, D – 24
2: W –27, L – 150, D – 20
3: W –13, L – 195, D – 13
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

 I first wove with emergency blankets in 2016 in response to what felt like countless visions of refugees wrapped in the silver shiny blankets, stumbling from boats up the beach to safety.

Six years later.
What’s the emergency?
A climate emergency?
A health emergency?

And if you are living in Boorloo/Perth, there has been a state of emergency since March 2020, with no end currently in sight. Covid-19 is a serious public health threat and to the human rights of people. There is a link between government responses to the pandemic and maintaining a safe, healthy and strong community. But how do we monitor governments and escape the creeping authoritarianism we have seen happen throughout the world since the pandemic?

Transparency and accountability are important to our democracy, without this are we at risk of being exposed to unnecessary restrictions to our rights and freedoms.

I am a weaver, living on Wajuk Country. The pieces I make are often from discarded materials. This materiality and process is influenced by my environment and stories from near and far. I create pieces that encourage the viewer to shift from one textural construction that is familiar to contemplation.

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