Anatomy of a Family

Melanie Maclou wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Welding, viscose paper making, hand stitch
Materials: Natural fibre viscose material, steel rod, thread,
glitter, rope
Dimensions (cms): H – 300, W – 200, D–100
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

Family gives us roots and wings. Roots hold us in place until we are ready to fly. 

Roots give: foundation, wisdom and history.

Wings give: autonomy, free will and new beginnings.

Rolled and welded steel rod create two abstract, winged forms overlayed with a delicate and translucent handmade fabric of natural viscose fibres.

One wing represents my mother’s ancestral line, the other my father’s.

Loose hand stitch captures both vivid and fading memories from the past and present.
For example, on my mother’s side, notice a pair of loose chain stitched scissors representing my great grandfather, who was a tailor. These scissors, sharpened almost to the end of their life, are still used by my great aunt today in her dress making. Sewing, threads its way through my mother’s line....

Melanie Maclou is a sculptor. Her artworks are inspired from the natural world often using robust metal and concrete elements juxtaposed with organic forms. Melanie’s artworks are exhibited locally and internationally. An active member in the arts community, she is also a creative practitioner and committee member of this exhibition.

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