Memories: Assemblage of Scraps

Molly Ryan wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Natural dyeing, free motion machine embroidery, patchwork
Materials: Cotton, linen, silk, wool, cotton thread
Dimensions (cms): H – 170, W – 75, D – 24
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

In Memories: Assemblage of Scraps, worked cloth is a site of contemplation on personal histories. Drawing on my postgraduate research that investigates the narratives in ancestral laces through practice led research, this work explores the significance of turning twenty five this year and the bricolage of memories that have culminated to form my narrative. The different fabrics used in this piece were garments no longer fit for wear, small offcuts and test pieces from previous projects. Each piece of cloth offering a point of connection with old journeys through remnants preserved from past experiences.

I collected these pieces over the past six years and began naturally dyeing them in January. Following this, I used a free motion machine embroidery technique to affix the dyed textile fragments to pieces of exhausted linen garments with cotton thread. The timely, physical binding of materials developed a dense and narratable surface that reflects the amalgamation of both materials in the textiles and memories in my mind. The spontaneity of memories parallel with the gestural placement of the materials. Finally, I patchworked the embroidered panels into the resulting wearable garment form, further building on the reflection of the assemblage of memories that create personal narratives.

I believe textiles become animated by their users through prolonged, reciprocal engagement, their surfaces are imbued with information. My research reflects this idea by triangulating practice led studio inquiry, theoretical analysis, and personal narratives. My practice is intuitive, guided by my intrigue around the creative possibilities of textiles and textile processes.

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