Fred’s Bed 2

Pauline White, Julia Sutton  wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Dyeing, stitch, video
Materials: Found objects, cotton, silk, linen, wood
Dimensions (cms): H – 180, W – 120, D – 120
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography
Video: JAK Video 

This work is a collaborative installation by two artists who are driven by their affinity and deep connection with the West Australian Bush.

They were inspired by the paintings of Fred Williams and are offering an alternative perspective to the traditional landscape genre.

By using the tactile nature of textiles they are exploring a relationship with, rather than an observation of methodology used in traditional landscapes.

Pauline White: Everything in my life is source material and creativity is the spark that ignites it. Foraging in nature feeds my soul and along with found objects provides the fodder to probe the uneasy relationship between nature and culture, installation, site works, public art, performance and community art.

Julia Sutton: The bush, investigating forms and patterns, the movement and interplay of light and shadows feeds my art themes. Using found fibers and textiles brings history to my artworks but also refers to comfort and love within a family, community, and place. The slow rhythmic pace of my art is my muse.

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