Fire cycle

Penny Jewell wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Stitch, botanical dyeing
Materials: Fabric, natural dyes
Dimensions (cms): H – 160, W – 80, D – 15
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

I live surrounded by forest. This environment nurtures me and inspires my practice. It provides the plants that I use for dyes and the shapes that I use directly as motifs in my imagery. The forest is both life giving and threatening. Fire is an ever-present threat. Fire is integral to the cycle of the forest; it is a threat of destruction but also a force for regeneration.

This work is based on a recycled forest workers shirt.
The outside of the shirt represents the burnt leaves, the heat applied imprints the actual leaves.

The inside of the shirt shows the regenerated forest.
The inside ‘heart’ of the forest thrives, though it has been transformed.

The science of fire and forest management is an unsettled area, consequently we need to proceed carefully to ensure the future health and diversity of forest species.

The concept of ‘sustainability’ has been an important part of this project, thus the use of recycled fabrics and the botanically dyed fabric and threads.

The techniques used are stitching and botanical dyeing.

My practice is dictated by the plants around me, my fascination with their hidden dyes and the puzzle of extracting and preserving them. The search is endless – so many untested plants. I don’t see myself as the ‘artist’, the artistry lies with the plants, I am just the interpreter.

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