Pip Hoy wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Quilting, applique, deconstructed collage
Materials: Cotton, bamboo, soy milk cartons
Dimensions (cms): H – 200, W – 300
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

Bloodlines builds on an earlier body of work utilizing quilting, applique and deconstructed collage to express my perspective of how it can feel to live in the patrilineal society that dominates our communities globally.
In creating Bloodlines, I explored a uniquely female narrative over the course of two menstrual cycles.

By combining a range of new and vintage textiles to create quilted menstrual pads, I gave voice to feminine interconnectedness across a variety of cultures. I reflected on the enormous impact of a simple pregnancy test result represented by the appliqued vertical lines. In stitching over the circles, I questioned who and what determines the fate of the eggs that nest within the womb. Thru Bloodlines, I recognized my internal response to the compliant arrangement of the feminine sitting under the arc of masculine influence. Yet, I also saw strong women working together and holding the line between the need to protest and the call to nurture, regardless of their perceived position within the patrilineal society.

More broadly, Bloodlines is a continuation of the ongoing question: What would the world look like if equality between matrilineality and patrilineality was at the heart of how we structured our societies?

Pip is a mid-career artist who is committed to growing a creative practice that reflects her desire to work from a place of active hope for the benefit of our collective future. Pip uses traditional techniques to create contemporary work using new, vintage and reclaimed compostable plant-based materials.

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