Loaded Touch

Robi Szalay wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Screen print, dyeing, sculpting
Materials: Organza, dye, paint, foam structure
Dimensions (cms): H – 75, W – 75, W – 65
Photographer: Laszlo Szalay

This work seeks to manifest a visceral response to thought and experience which precedes the spoken word. As a conduit between body and mind, it oscillates between metaphoric multiplicities of emotional weight. Materials are pulled apart, added to and taken away from its original blank state where there is little rest between mass and void. This floating reconfiguration builds a complex new narrative in its attempt to extract meaning from the absurd.

Robi Szalay is a visual artist from Western Australia and works primarily with textiles and print. Always striving to evoke a visceral response through texture and a tonal palette while creating a quiet, sensory space for reflection and responding to issues of personal identity and emotive beauty in the imperfect.

Robi is a member of the exhibition committee.

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