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Ruth Halbert wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Hand weaving, needle weaving
Materials: Linen yarn
Dimensions (cms): H – 100, W – 120, D – 5
Photographer: Ruth Halbert

A Möbius has no right or wrong side, no top or bottom and no beginning or end. In these fragmented, polarised times the Möbius seems to promise an enigmatic wholeness.

Since 2010, I have been making works based on the Möbius strip, intrigued by its form. A Möbius is made by taking a rectangle, putting a half twist in it and joining the two short ends. It is three-dimensional but has only one surface and one edge. I explore the form using various textile materials and methods, playing with scale, transparency, multiples. This work uses the qualities of handwoven cloth, identical on both sides, to make a Möbius. Removing and adding warp and weft threads throughout the weaving changes the density and transparency of the cloth in a gradient which can be followed around the infinite loop. The qualities of the linen yarn — sheen, stiffness and drape — are apparent both in the dense part of the cloth and in the behaviour of the threads in the open weave. Contrasting red warp with blue weft makes the colour appear to change when viewed from different angles. The slight but strong linen yarn supports the form as it hangs in space.

Ruth Halbert is life long textile maker. Her practice has evolved from making for use and pleasure to using textile techniques and materials for expression and inquiry into the state of things: personal, historical, environmental, social. Ruth lives in Denmark, WA, on unceded Menang/Pibbulmun boodja.

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