Tree Bathing

Tracy Destree wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Free form hand stitch
Materials: Silk organza
Dimensions (cms): H – 183, W – 70
Photographer: Bewley Shaylor

Forest floor darkest
Broken through showering leaves
A cleansed soul returns

One’s connection with nature is enhanced through our connection to trees. Evening walks and plein air sketching through local parks after a day of caring has inspired this piece that explores the ancient Japanese philosophy of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). Shinrin-yoku, the practice of visiting forests and sitting under trees, is reported to improve one’s sleep quality, mood and ability to focus.

The sturdy, reliable tree is silhouetted against the last of the evening light with continuous, freeform hand stitching. Walking amongst these trees provided a release from the daily chores which echoed in the stitch length and colour. The repetition producing a meditative, natural and inherently therapeutic response.  

Tracy Destree is a passionate stitcher. Hand stitch is a primary element in Tracy’s work, using stitch to draw, interpret or embellish. Tracy prefers to work with natural products and is drawn to materials that create some ease, and techniques that bring a soft touch to the hand and design.

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