Holding it all together

Valdine Diprose wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Mixed media surface build, eyelets, mending
Materials: Ground coffee rock, ground charcoal and soil from the family farm, butter muslin, wax, glue, linen thread, oil paint, stainless steel eyelets on canvas, marine plywood
Dimensions (cms): H – 116, W – 289
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

Five years ago, my family had their best harvest. The canola crops were shoulder high and rippled yellow velvet in the breeze.

The next three years were dry. Dust storms blocked the sun. When the fine grey soil blew it took the fertiliser and cut the crops. Paddocks were reseeded, but at harvest the crops were spaced, and the yield was poor.

Last year it was far too wet. For months there were lakes and extra waterbirds in most paddocks. The submerged low lying crops yellowed and died. Sections of paddocks were reseeded some as many as four times. While my brother’s ‘claying’ work had helped keep the topsoil moist in the dry years, this time the extra clay worked against drainage. As the rain continued my brother dug deep drains across paddocks to divert the water out of the crops and pasture. It was a challenge for the farm vehicles to cross the drains without getting bogged.

This year so far it is neither too wet nor too dry but more finishing rain is needed …

Valdene Diprose’s work examines the formation and transmission of memories borne from long term personal relationships and investigates how these memories are embedded in the materiality of objects that are affected by time and place. Her practice encompasses explorations of sculpture, textiles, natural fibers, drawing and painting, and is heavily informed by traditional printmaking concepts.

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