In Robert's Footsteps

Diane Binns wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Moulding, stitch, audio-vsual
Materials: Silk organza, dope, thread, nylon boning thread, original documents, audio soundtrack, video
Dimensions (cms): H – 66, W – 82, D – 140
Photography and video David Chong
@ Perth Photography

Discovering the plight of our ancestors, the harsh often cruel treatment by the British government whilst building a new nation reveals the truth of our beginnings and the strength of character of our forebears. This story is of a young man’s death sentence commuted to life in Van Dieman’s Land and his determination to create a new life for himself. He laboured hard farming the land, lived a simple life with Matilda and raised 12 children. He died in Bendigo aged 70.

I chose silk to create the rocks, speaking of life’s fragility as silk is a strong thread representing that strength of character and the will to survive. The rocks are a foundation for a better future in a new land.

I am inspired to create with textiles a visual story of my family history. I use materials to interpret the journeys filled with hope, despair and love. To my delight I come from generations of flax growers, spinners, silk weavers and merchants. It explains my love of and passion for textiles and history.

I joined WAFTA in 2012, have been a Committee member since 2013, and will retire at the end of 2022 having served 5.5 years as Chair.

Wafta twentyFIVE + crossover
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includes essay by Erin Coates, Wafta history, images and statements from artists on the 42 art-works exhibited

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