What the ears don’t hear the eyes will

Domonique McHugh wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Manipulation, beading, dyeing
Materials: Silks, beads, gauzes, cocoons
Dimensions (cms): H – 50, W – 58, D – 8
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

My silk work is about hearing through my eyes rather than my ears. As I am deaf, I find myself imagining what sound is like. When I used to dive on the reefs near Wedge Island I used to imagine the sounds from the reef’s fish, corals and sea grasses would create in my mind. I then started to hear them through my eyes which created the most amazing feeling.

To hear with one’s eyes gives you a sense of meaning and creates endless possibilities.

My silk work represents the movement I heard and the joy this gave me. I not only heard the ripples of movement but also the noise from the colours. Each time I use the pleated silks and beads I again imagine the movement and senses I felt under the water. Each stitch, each colour, each movement within the silk piece creates a whole different feeling and memory. These memories I have created before in my hot glass works. But silk is now my favourite medium to create these memories in a different essence.

I have always loved to create from a very early age and art has given me great happiness throughout my life. Through studying ceramics, glass, textiles and now fashion design I found that they have allowed me a greater insight to form and colour. Exploration of fashion and fabrics are a new and exciting way to express myself on my creative journey.

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