To Learn to Read, is to Light a Fire

Louise Wells wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Machine stitch using wash away, wash away
Materials: Discarded fabric scraps from the artist’s studio, polyester machine thread
Dimensions (cms): H – 138, W – 130
Photographer: Josh Wells Photography

Few can read the text in this artwork, in Pitmans Shorthand, an insight to the world of those who can’t read. Historically, churches’ stained glass windows told visual stories, as many were illiterate. I was shocked to learn that in 2021, 7 million Australians still lacked the necessary literary skills to navigate normal life. Learning to read can radically change a person’s life, leading to independence, education, and fullness of life. Dreams and hopes are realised, new possibilities arise.

Looking at the lost beauty in the ordinary is a major theme Louise explores, predominantly using recycled textiles. She’s a recent finalist in York Botanic Art Prize 2021, Collie Art Prize (CAP) and Australian Textile Award 2020. Solo exhibitions include Of Our Time - Ordinary Lives 2018, Suburban Secrets 2021.

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