Sacha Barker wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Stitch
Materials: Perle thread, curtain
Dimensions (cms): H – 1860, W – 1450
Photographer: David Chong @ Perth Photography

The work began six months ago, working to a deadline. I embroidered text in creamy white perle thread, by hand on a thick shiny drape. Not even a week in, the middle finger of my right hand met with a guillotine blade. It was not severed, but to me it was severe. I am right handed, a proud hand maker. An artist. The rest of this side of the artwork was made during a time of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the future. Making the best of the ability I had taken for granted. The text is melodramatic and linework of sub par quality.

Six months later the reverse side in red shows the progress (healing) made since the first side was completed. I whole heartedly believed it may be the last hand embroidery I could make.

The trauma, guilt and tension of this endeavour is expressed through the visual language of the embroidery process. The reverse is integral to expressing human labour, and my practice as an artist.

Sacha Barker is an artist working with textile, sculpture and installation. Questions of authenticity, trust and tension permeate both her research and creative practice. She has developed several large site-specific installations that engage the viewer in creating narrative. A commitment to human labour and rigorous technical experimentation informs her work.

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