Aquifer Suite: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Margery Goodall wafta twenty five + image

Techniques: Hand stitch, machine stitch
Materials: Caps from 480 bottles, 140 water bottle labels, shrink wrap bottle packaging
Dimensions (cms): H – 101, W – 170
Photographer:Bewley Shaylor

Australia is dry and water is precious. Australians embraced bottled water from its introduction when advertised as convenient and healthy and initially had an aura of exclusivity. In 2017, Australians bought more than 118,000 tonnes of plastic water bottles, with a water cost of 3-7 litres per bottle.

I often work with mixed media incorporating found materials and using stitch, sometimes in the quilt form. Quilts give comfort, but the state of our world is no comfort. On daily walks, I see discarded single use bottles, and every morning I read about the state of our environment.

Aquifer Suite: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is about the intersection of the environment and consumer culture. Its focus is our journey with bottled water, from an initial fascination through to potential catastrophic loss of usable water.

Bottle labels form the paths and coloured flowers mark
the changes.
1 Yesterday: Sipping pretty
2 Today: Pretty oblivious
3 Tomorrow: A pretty (aquifer) death

Margery Goodall works with stitched textiles and mixed media, with a focus on using simple materials and straight forward techniques to achieve complexity. Her work is held in private collections in Australia and overseas, and in the collection of the International Quilt Museum in USA.

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